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Hearing FAQs

When you don’t have the proper information about hearing loss and hearing aids, they can seem confusing and even overwhelming. At Uthe Hearing Aid and Audiology Centers, we believe you should be educated about your hearing loss and treatment options. Below we’ve gathered some common questions our patients ask us. If you still have questions, or would just like to talk to us, then call us today.

Commonly Asked Questions

Hearing aids typically last about 5 years. Hearing aid technology however usually advances every 3-5 years. Many patients upgrade their hearing aids more often so they can take advantage of the newest updates and have a back-up pair of hearing aids. However, if you properly care for your hearing aids and bring them in for regular cleanings and maintenance then they should last you for many years.
At Uthe Hearing Aid and Audiology Centers, we work with many insurance providers including Medicare and Medicaid. We will help you negotiate your benefits so you can afford hearing healthcare. We work with patients of all budgets to help them afford hearing aids. We offer competitive pricing on our devices and want to help you afford quality hearing healthcare. We also work with State and Federal agencies including Vocational Rehabilitation and Veteran’s Administration.
Hearing loss is typically permanent and will worsen over time. It is important to manage your hearing loss as soon as possible! Although hearing aids won’t restore your hearing back to normal, they will help prevent the negative effects of hearing loss on your health and life.
Hearing aids have advanced immensely over the years, and some models even have Bluetooth connectivity. Hearing aids with Bluetooth are able to connect directly to your smartphone so you can stream phone calls, music, and more. Bluetooth hearing aids are perfect for those who want a hands free experience and are looking for a more seamless way to hear without intermediary devices.
It is best to come in for annual hearing evaluations. It is also important to protect your hearing whenever you are in noisy environments. Wear earplugs whenever you will be exposed to loud noises, such as concerts, sporting events, or when you mow the lawn. Protecting your hearing will help decrease your chances of hearing loss.
When you buy hearing aids online, you don’t receive the same care! Buying hearing aids online means you only purchase devices, you won’t have someone fit them to you, program them to your individual hearing loss, and help you with the adjustment process. At Uthe Hearing Aid and Audiology Centers, we have the experience to help you with every step of the hearing aid process to make you feel comfortable and in control.
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