Hearing Protection for Recreational Sports

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Did you know your favorite recreational sports and activities could potentially be dangerous for your hearing? Although fun, certain activities can have an impact on your hearing ability, especially if you don't wear the proper protection.

Motorcycling, dirt biking, ATV riding, motorboating, and hunting are some examples of activities that can negatively impact your hearing if you're not careful.

How Can These Sports Affect My Hearing?

What these activities have in common is that they all require your ears to be exposed to a high level of sound. Any sound over 85 decibels can be dangerous for your hearing when exposed to on a regular basis. For motor activities, such as dirt biking, motorcycling, or motorboating, the constant roar of an engine in your ears can over time negatively affect your hearing. This can eventually lead to noise-induced hearing loss.

Hunting and rifle sports will expose your ears to high impact sounds of 130 decibels, which after one time can cause permanent hearing loss.

What Should You Do to Protect Your Hearing?

If you enjoy any of these recreational activities, it is important to wear the proper hearing protection. We can create custom hearing protection for shooting, hunting, and motorsports. Our custom hearing protection will be fitted to the unique shape of your ear and will provide you with exceptional hearing protection.

If you want to be proactive about your hearing health while still enjoying your favorite activities, have a pair of custom earplugs made for you!

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We carry the best hearing protection for shooting and motorsports. You can rest assured your hearing is safe with custom hearing protection. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to be fitted for a pair of custom earplugs.

If you have never had your hearing checked before and you enjoy any of the above activities, then you would benefit from a hearing exam. We can check your hearing and ensure you don't have noise-induced hearing loss or ringing in the ears due to sound damage from recreational activities.

Start being proactive about your hearing health and schedule your appointment today!

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