What to Know About OTC Hearing Aids

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Hearing loss can feel overwhelming. If you have noticed a decline in your hearing ability, you may feel confused on what to do next. Our goal is to help you find a device that will provide you with amplification to hear your friends, family, and colleagues again.

The FDA has recently approved over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. Learn more about OTC hearing aids and how they differ from prescription hearing aids.

Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid FAQs

Q. How good are OTC hearing aids?

A. OTC hearing aids are amplification devices designed for adults (18+) with mild hearing loss in both ears. How good these devices are is subjective and depends entirely on what your hearing needs are, what your lifestyle is like, and what kind of technology you are expecting in a device.

Q. How much will OTC hearing aids cost?

A. OTC hearing aid prices will vary depending on the brand. Just like prescription hearing aids, they can range in cost. Although some believe prescription hearing aids are expensive, these hearing aids range in price.

Q. What OTC hearing aids are best for high frequency loss?

A. OTC hearing aids are best for those with mild to moderate hearing loss. If you have a high frequency loss, you could benefit from prescription hearing aids that can be programmed to your individual hearing needs.

Q. When will the FDA approve OTC hearing aids?

A. The FDA has already approved OTC hearing aids and they will be available for sale in mid-October.

Q. Are OTC hearing aids returnable?

A. This depends entirely on where you purchase your OTC hearing aids from.

Choosing the Right Hearing Aids for You

Overall, OTC hearing aids will likely look like a prescription-based hearing aid. There will be differences in the programming and processing ability of these devices. Ultimately, it is our goal to help you find a hearing aid that best fits your hearing needs and lifestyle. We would be happy to go over your different options and help you.

The best way to know what hearing aid is best for you and your needs is by working with a qualified hearing healthcare provider. We offer comprehensive hearing care, we can fit a device to your specific needs, and we provide follow-up care and adjustments after you've been fitted.

Let us help you find the perfect hearing aid for you, so you can start hearing better. Contact us today to get started.

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