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3-days only!

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Join us Mar. 26th - Mar. 28th.

For three days only, we will have Advanced Workshops in our Des Moines, IA office to discuss how the latest hearing aids can improve your life. In addition, you will receive $500 off a pair of premium devices when you attend.

Call Today! (888) 665-6038

About the Event:

  • Advanced Workshops in-office for 3 days only
  • Learn about the demo latest technology
  • Receive $500 off a pair of hearing aids
  • No cost to attend or obligation to make a purchase
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With the latest hearing aids, you can:

  • Have better conversations, even in noisy environments
  • Stream phone and video calls directly to your hearing aids
  • Use a portable charger instead of relying on batteries
  • Hear the TV at a comfortable volume for everyone

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These are just a few benefits that hearing aids can provide and our team is ready to support you throughout the entire process. There is no obligation or cost attached to this event. Our goal is always to inform you of the most effective treatment options and introduce you to the latest hearing aids at a manageable cost.

We look forward to helping you hear better and live happier.

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